UDI : Union of Democrats and Independents


The Union of Democrats and Independents is a centrist political party in France. It was founded in September 2012 and has since grown to over 50,000 active members and militants.

The problem every political party is trying to solve

Increasing political engagement and mobilizing citizens to vote is no trivial matter in situations where a 1% margin can mean the difference between winning and losing. Because political classes can fail to understand and embody the concerns of young voters, political parties typically fail to produce significant voter turnout amongst adults under the age of 35.


The UDI is offering interactive content for its PR campaigns, delivered though WebNFC tags that are affixed to the clothing and promotional materials of its staff. In doing so, they are directly appealing to the smartphone generation whose browsing habits differ significantly from those of Internet users over 40. Contrary to their older counterparts, mobile owners under 35 have a more opportunistic relationship with digital content, exhibiting a greater willingness to download and view content in a “drive-by” fashion. Similarly, these users are more familiar — and more comfortable — with context-dependent digital content, and are therefore welcoming of political campaigns leveraging GPS, photographic, or other multimedia integrations.

With the help of WebNFC, the UDI is using Big Data analytics to improve strategic and logistical campaign operations, and cementing its position as a technologically-literate political party. Beyond offering insight into which members or pamphlets are most effective in garnering interest from the public, WebNFC chips offer a vector for identifying particularly motivated individuals. Indeed, the UDI can now monitor activity on their fleet of chips and offer tailored content to recurrent visitors !


Overall technological adoption

for every 100 chips distributed, 76.92 actions were executed.

Usage rate

33.33% of people used the WebNFC tag during the event.

Super users

We were able to identify that 30.77% of users were "super users" ; Highly sociable individuals making the most out of the WebNFC technology.

Super Users group analysis

Occupation Proportion (%)
Political Science Student 50%
Politics 25%
High Profile Executive 25%

Individual usage analysis

Most used content type

The content most people chose to put on their WebNFC tag

WebNFC content Proportion (%)
Facebook 51.28%
Twitter 41.03%
Linkedin 2.56%
Custom Link 5.13%

Most shared content

The content shared by most people

WebNFC content Proportion (%)
Facebook 36.66%
Twitter 46.66%
Linkedin 13.33%
Custom Link 3.33%


Conversion rate (rate at which a given chip is scanned) follows a bimodal distribution, with chips either being well-utilized or (almost) not at all. This suggests an unfamiliarity with the technology on the part of some users, which is likely to inversely correlate with age. This in turn would indicate that older campaigners need to be briefed on the nature and use of WebNFC tags.

In terms of content, social media dominates the landscape. Campaign staff are overwhelmingly using WebNFC to redirect users to social media without having to type the URL on their mobile devices or install a QR code reader. This indicates that the super-user segment of the UDI campaign staff has intuitively understood the use of WebNFC: a hyperlink that connects physical objects to the Internet.

We propose that future campaign activities will see an increase in WebNFC adoption and impact provided the UDI invests a small amount of time in training and content curation. We further suggest that curated content be highly integrated into the mobile environment, fully leveraging mobile services.

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