NFC chip

1) Define an action

Program an action in your WebNFC tag using the WebNFC platform.

Smartphone scanning WebNFC

2) Scan WEBNFC Tag

Place your smartphone over the WebNFC tag

WebNFC content is opened by your smartphone

3) Your content opens

No application needed, it just works !

Ideas for your business

Here's how WebNFC can help your business


Business cards

Share your updated contact info, LinkedIn profile or your company website with a smart business-card.



Sell your event tickets from a smart poster. WebNFC transforms every available surface into a point of sale.

In-store augmented information

Stick a WebNFC tag on a product shelf or directly on the product itself. Customers get complementary product information and promotional content. Retailers can use WebNFC to collect data on user habits, manage inventory, pre-order and much more ...

What about your business ?

How can WebNFC help your business? Ask us !

Ask us !

Our Clients

WebNFC has helped many businesses promote content and get insight into their customer's habits.

Code Lion Web Agency

Code Lion, inc. is a licensed WebNFC retailer, specializing in online marketing and communications.

UDI Political party

One of the top French political parties, Union of Democrats and Independents is using WebNFC to increase and analyze citizen traction for the presidential campaign.

Case study »

SRG private laboratory

SRG is using WebNFC on business cards to increase the retention and usage of the cards it distributes, as well as to analyze who is following up on conversations.

of WebNFC chips and platform

Features that make WebNFC a great marketing tool for the physical world

No application needed

It's hard to get customers to install any application, so WebNFC doesn't rely on anything other than built-in smartphone technology

Industry friendly logistics

Industry friendly, WebNFC chips are customer ready and can be used out of the box.

image-1 image-2

Instant chip modification

Modify the behavior of your fleet or any chip on the fly, using your smartphone


Get invaluable insight from your physical campaigns using the WebNFC GOOGLE ANALYTICS integration

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